Oxygen delivery CPAP,BIPB,Ventilation at home.

These machines are called “bilevel” because they have two air pressure settings:

  • When you breathe in, BPAP machines deliver more air pressure. This is also known as inspiratory positive airway pressure (IPAP).
  • When you breathe out, the machine reduces the air pressure. This is called expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP).

Some BPAP machines have a timer that can be programmed to maintain a certain number of breaths per minute.

How does a BiPAP machine differ from a CPAP machine?

BPAP and CPAP machines have a lot in common. They both deliver positive air pressure (PAP) via a tabletop device connected to a tube and a mask. They can sometimes be used to treat the same conditions, and have similar side effects.

The main difference between a BPAP and CPAP machine is how the air pressure is delivered:

  • BPAP machines deliver two levels of air pressure.
  • CPAP machines deliver a continuous level of air pressure.

CPAPs are typically the first treatment option for people with obstructive sleep apnea. The continuous pressure holds the airway open and there’s no need for two pressures.


FAQs On Patient Care services At Home

The health care provider can do Semi Medical Care, Skilled Nursing Care at home, Home Physiotherapy, Periodic Check-ups by Home Doctor Visits as well as more specialized services such as ICU Level Care, Post Surgical Care.

Yes! We are available  for you 24×7. You can contact us any time for queries or getting help regarding the patient care services.

You can get Patient care services  at home online or by calling our care helpline number. According with your needs, you can decide what kind of services you required. And based on your medical advice, a qualified and trained Carer will be appointed for your services.

Yes! we provide a short visit at home,for Iv cannula, Iv drip,injection therapy,wound dressing and others according to the patient’s needs and advice.

Home Patient care Service costs depend on the Care you need. It will depend upon the duration and nature of the services. We can tell you  after assessment of your home care needs.It will start at low cost 800 to 3000 per day.

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